Presence vs. Engagement

The social media landscape is one of those ever changing areas that we are continually challenged to utilize in a method that translates well to our customer. However, should we have a social presence or social engagement? Working with the Small Business Development committe on a series of articles that may help you in your small business. Stay tuned to find out where you can read my articles and upcomming seminars covering a variety of marekting and design topics as well.

Flash! Flash!

We wrapped a three hour shoot today on principal photography for our project at St. John Vianney church in Cumberland RI. We have some composite shots to do and other digital imaging before we include those in the final design. But I've given the go ahead to share these early conceptual place holders. These are shots that we place during our initial design phase to establish a look and feel for our project. When the time comes, we head in with a professional member on our team and document the fine details to the organization in a high quality way.

Act now, before it's too late!

Get a piece of the action! My article Featured here was published in the September 2015 Edition of Rhode Island Small Business Journal. Welcome to my website, now what? You, your product or your organization has drawn some new online traffic but you need them to take that next step. We all know about using a “call to action”, lets talk about how we can be better at it. When we look at our value proposition canvas we can analyze the landscape to understand how to retain and incentivize our target with action-oriented content. Various philanthropic and non-profit organizations have wonderful knowledge of their target and do remarkably well with strong emotional appeals. While perhaps the grea

Get a piece of the action!

Hello again everyone. Just sent in my latest article about writing messaging for a "Call to Action" to The Rhode Island Small Business Journal. My last article didn't make it in last months edition, but stay tuned if you don't read it there I will be sharing them here. I am also working with the Rhode Island Small Business Development Center on some article for other local periodicals and some classes that will be made available to small businesses in the area. I'll keep you posted, but you have to remember to check back! Have a great week!


grapher to go in an capture the final great qualities of the community and facility.

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