Time To Show Off!

We're getting excited for the Ocean State Small Business Expo. This will be our first time as an exhibitor. We've been developing some new marketing material to capture some attention for new connections and potential clients. October is fast approching and we can't wait to get out there and show off our work. Keep your eyes out we may have a special promotion coming up for you to show off at the Expo.

Woah! It's like moving.

We've been working for St. John Vianney church in Cumberland again. I am finishing up details on a special website for their music ministry. I have been working to integrate video backgrounds on test websites recently. This is the first client website I have used it on and I am really happy with the outcome and can't wait to use it again. This opens up a whole new creative element to the company that me and my team are excited to pursue. I'm going to give you access before we even go live. Just click the photo.

It's your story. You keep it!

Hi again everyone. In this installment of how to improve your ads I’m going to talk about content control. As always we work through reviewing any advertisement we feature as an exercise to help your presentation to your clients. I have again gone ahead and blurred out the information that has no bearing on our discussion. Take a minute to look over this advertisement. I want to just focus on the fill in the blank content that they have chosen to use, “Behind Every Great Home is an…” You, as a small business owner, work hard to build value in your share of the market. You have built what we all hope is a reputation as a professional in your industry. You have a mission for your company and a


Everyday our senses are engaged as we experience all types of design. Wide-reaching and diverse, we sample forms of design in scents we wear to the buildings we walk and live in. We consume and are at times overwhelmed by design. That is an important part of the discussion; the idea that we can be OVERWHELMED by design. Graphic designers work to combine text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publications, or websites and other forms. When you walk out the door your consumption of graphic design unknowingly starts instantly, from the car you drive to the coffee cup you drink from. Make no mistake, the future of this industry is ever changing and continually trying to develop new ways

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We are proud to be named one of the top creative and design agencies in the U.S. by Clutch.co. This is a humbling experience and we thank our team members who make our clients look amazing day after day.

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