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We have been working with St. Teresa's Church in Pawtucket on a website for about a year. We were fortunate enough to be able to donate all of our website and development work to the project. We have worked together to help them establish a website that was built with the expressed intent to be easy for all ages and skill levels to use. We donated three hours with our photographers to document the true beauty of the church in a way that maintains their message that "All Are Welcome." From architectural photos right down to staff photos they were a joy to work with. We are now providing ongoing support to the website and recording, editing and posting their weekly message to their community i

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At St. John Vianney Church in Cumberland, RI we recently launched a special event website for their Pastor. We developed the website for a multi-generational audience, easy to navigate and supportive of other event announcements and invitations that were already produced. We took a high quality photo of a massive stained glass window they have in a prominent space in their church and used that as our back ground. We then went ahead and created a logo for the event and the website. In addition we provided a custom 30 second video for them to play at their services and is also featured on their homepage. We have had great response to our work on the website and we are proud that they asked us


I scan our local specialty and business journals frequently and recently found this advertisement for a photographer. Now to be clear, I am not a photographer, but I am a consumer and an art director and this ad would cause concern for me if this was one of our projects. Take a look at the photo. Note. I have blurred out the information as it doesn’t pertain to the discussion. At first glance the awkwardness of this photo may not impact a client, but I want to draw your attention to a specific area of the subject. Let’s focus on her hair for a moment. Being a lighter hair color, this photo may have worked perfectly well in color, but being black and white, some adjustments need to be accou

PeaceTree Reiki Project

We recently finished a brochure project for a local health and wellness company called Peace Tree Reiki. The owner really loves the ocean and that gave us inspiration where to start. The client was thrilled with the final product. We are proud to have provided high quality photography, layout and printing of the product. Working with Aimee we learned not only about the process of her healing method but what makes her and her business different. We built a color palette inspired by an ocean scene from a stock photo. We then used our talented photographer on a two hour photo shoot with Aimee and captured some great images for our future projects with her.

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We are proud to be named one of the top creative and design agencies in the U.S. by This is a humbling experience and we thank our team members who make our clients look amazing day after day.

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