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My article Featured here was published in the September 2015 Edition of Rhode Island Small Business Journal.

Welcome to my website, now what? You, your product or your organization has drawn some new online traffic but you need them to take that next step. We all know about using a “call to action”, lets talk about how we can be better at it.

When we look at our value proposition canvas we can analyze the landscape to understand how to retain and incentivize our target with action-oriented content. Various philanthropic and non-profit organizations have wonderful knowledge of their target and do remarkably well with strong emotional appeals. While perhaps the greatest gain could be of an intrinsic value, at its core the action elevates their target on a psychological level. The target is elevated to a point of esteem and self actualization, as referenced in Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, while simultaneously supporting the organizations financial needs.

Identifying our target partially makes us better at encouraging an action, but there is more we can do. We need to make the sale or the contribution a reality; we need to help our target make a decision, which is the tricky part. has a beautiful call to action that has a constant “You can _blank_ for clean water.” with changing messaging for the blank. It supports the general idea that you can do anything to help support their mission. They are not only helping to financially secure their mission but, suggest a unique positive experiential based call to action that supports each individual in achieving his/her intrinsic values/goals, whatever they may be. It creates a homeostasis where the relationship is almost a living and breathing bond rather than a single action. This beautiful example not only builds equity in the mission but potentially long term supporters of the cause.

With strong targets and messaging comes, supportive design elements. Design that either contrasts or complements, while highlighting our pains vs. gains messaging. Often times we may find a website that is saturated with links or advertising, all trying to get us to “CLICK HERE”. This can dilute the principal action we truly want our target to focus on, so be cautious. We should always consider using colors to contrast or complement our previously defined color palette and implement artwork that continues to support our brand. Even the use of a high quality image as a background to overlay and draw attention, can make an important actionable item pop. When we design our button, we should work to focus attention and increase our chances of participation with easy and clear language that should reinforce and incentivize the gain once again.

This may be a refresher for some, but it opens an opportunity for discussion in your office that you can work through as a team to define how you will work to create strong actionable messaging that targets your customers and generates new leads for your organization.

Bio: With over 15 years of experience and as owner of Denis Robichaud Design, Denis specializes in working with small businesses by providing marketing and design services on projects ranging from identity collateral to the digital specialties that today’s consumers expect.

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