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Everyday our senses are engaged as we experience all types of design. Wide-reaching and diverse, we sample forms of design in scents we wear to the buildings we walk and live in. We consume and are at times overwhelmed by design. That is an important part of the discussion; the idea that we can be OVERWHELMED by design.

Graphic designers work to combine text, pictures, and ideas in advertisements, publications, or websites and other forms. When you walk out the door your consumption of graphic design unknowingly starts instantly, from the car you drive to the coffee cup you drink from. Make no mistake, the future of this industry is ever changing and continually trying to develop new ways to convey a more powerful message to you at more innovative times.

Think for a moment as a small business owner who has spent so much time working on a brochure. You are proud of the work you have done, the time you have spent and the money you have invested.

Now, step back for a moment. Experience your work as consumer and not a business owner. Compare your work and your messaging to the thousands of pieces of material your potential client is engaged with. Does what you created meet the mark? Does it represent you, your company, your mission? Did saving a few dollars, make you loose out on an hours of work doing what you love?

Graphic designers provide an unprecedented value to you and your business. Not only do they have current knowledge of trends, clients and your competitors, but, their tools are stronger, their skills are stronger and they leverage all of that to make you stronger.

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