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Create a brand that feels clean and elegant, that will allow for future business growth and be easily identifiable.

Scope of project



Copy Writing


Branding and Identity Design


A new logo and marketing materials were created to support the Tori Turco brand as a professional, classy company that can compete in the residential and commercial property industry.

How we got started

We came together with Tori Turco through a previous branding project. Tori, a Residential and Commercial Realtor, became interested in developing a private brand that she could develop and bring to New England.


We started to understand Tori’s goals through a strategy meeting that defined the key components to bring forward in her brand. We began with a walking tour of Providence, RI, and an opportunity to build a library of brand photography taking advantage of the city backdrop.

Defining the brand

We always begin with a strategy session with our clients to clearly define a road map for future creative decisions. By doing this we are able to outline what will clarify, confuse or purify the brand.


We partnered with Tori through a two-hour strategy session that gave direction to guide creative development for the brand:

Defining The Brand Session


2019 case study info Turco-01.png

What we learned

We crafted a thoughtful brand positioning statement to help guide us along in the creative process by pulling out some of the strongest connecting keywords:

Brand Positioning Keyword


2019 case study info Turco-01.png

Brand Positioning Statement Session


"Tori Turco provides a goal-oriented experience for professionals and families who seek a sophisticated, experienced and creative approach with a proven record for success."

Through the strategy session with Tori, we were able to focus our efforts and the overall concept which allowed the creative team to begin creating a brand around “Class”.


Tori came to us with a previous logo she had been using but wanted to elevate the brand, so we blended concepts she liked along with a modern and clean design. Our designers began with rough thumbnail sketches and then honed it to a bring a more sophisticated and visually appealing concept.



turco design thumbnail ORIGINAL VECTOR-0
V1 Tori Turco Realtor Logo Vector Final-
Turco Presentation V1.2-01.png
Realistic Stationery PSD Mockup.png
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