Our response to COVID 19

and how we can help.

A Message to Our Customers. 

My team and I continue to support clients in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have brought in additional resources to assist in the new and ongoing needs of all clients, and through close collaboration, we will work to keep deliveries timely. 

We are also working on providing needed medical supplies to local health organizations by 3D printing, sewing, and assembling masks to distribute to front line health workers.  

We appreciate your patience as we all respond to the impact of this evolving situation. 

Thank you.

Denis Robichaud

Creative Director


We have a variety of solutions available, and offering everything at cost

with deferred payments for as long as this crisis impacts your community.

Medical Supplies

We currently can offer 3D printed Reusable Surgical Masks and Step Headbands, and offering everything at cost with deferred payments for as long as this crisis impacts your community.

We are currently using the open source mask design offered by the Billings Clinic that uses one standard surgical mask to make six mask filters. 

We also modeled in house and are printing Step Headbands to relieve pressure on the ears from long duration wear of mask ear loops. 


We are proud to be named one of the top creative and design agencies in the U.S. by Clutch.co. This is a humbling experience and we thank our team members who make our clients look amazing day after day.

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