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Make a logo that feels feminine, naturally beautiful, and that can be applied to a variety of marketing collateral.

Scope of project




Identity Design


A new logo and marketing materials that inspires feminine confidence and radiance.

How we got started

We came to know Body & Sol through a mutual business connection. Body & Sol founder and president, Karen Sclama came to us with a passion for creating a beauty brand that uses natural ingredients for tanning and treating changes in skin pigmentation.


We began working with Karen through our strategic approach to design. We focused our efforts on highlighting key components of what the Body & Sol brand represents. We looked at the values of the company, the customers, the services they provide, and the emotional connection customers had after using the product.

Defining the brand

In every strategy session, we co-create with our clients on a clearly defined road map for future creative decisions. We work towards determining, ahead of any designing, as much information about the company for the purpose of guiding creative decisions that clarify the personality of brand.


Here is some of the output of our strategy session with Karen:

Defining The Brand Session


2019 case study 2-01.png

What we learned

We crafted a thoughtful brand positioning statement to help guide us along in the creative process by pulling out some of the strongest connecting keywords:

Brand Positioning Keyword


2019 case study 2-01.png

Brand Positioning Statement Session


"Body and Sol empowers women of all backgrounds and skin conditions through a customized health/beauty process that is organically based and delivered by trained professionals with great results."

It was important to the client that we keep in mind when considering designs that these products are not made to enhance perfection, but to give every woman confidence to boldly engage the world. 


Karen came to us with a new company seeking a brand that could embody her mission. We blended an empowering voice that natural beauty comes from within by designing a feminine figure surrounded by her own radiance

BAS_Logo Presentation_Finalized 090418-0
body and sol Realistic Stationery PSD Mo
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